Handicap League

The handicap league offers players the opportunity to play competitive singles rounds with players of varying abilities. Though only a single division is offered, in any given week a player that is playing well for his skill level has the chance to win.

Handicaps will be based off your five most recent recorded rounds. If you don't have any recorded rounds, a handicap will be derived off your PDGA rating. Player's without a PDGA rating will need at least three rounds to establish a handicap. Those players may play for $3 (league fees, Ace, and best raw score) until they establish a handicap.  

For league play, the handicap used will be based off 93% of your expected score.

We have formulas for converting scores and handicaps to handle the long tees.

Handicaps are also subject to limits to prevent people from gaming the system. These limits may be revised from time to time if it becomes a problem (so far it has not).

The league is a PDGA sanctioned league. All PDGA members will receive points and ratings based on their performance. The Fox Valley Metro Disc Golf Club has picked up the tab for the sanctioning fee to keep costs down. Note: There is NO PDGA non-member fee for sanctioned leagues!

Entry Fee

$7 ($4 Handicap Pot, $1 Best Raw Score, $1 Ace Pool, $1 Club/PDGA Fees)

Prizes to best raw score and top 40% handicap adjusted.

Since this is a singles event, tag play is strongly encouraged (tags will be based on raw score).


All rounds are played at Eagle Ridge on Thursday nights at 6:00 (unless otherwise indicated). Tees used are listed below. Please sign in no later than 15 minutes before we tee off!

2014 Spring Session

April 17 - Short (5:15)
April 24 - Short (5:30)

May 1 - Short (5:45)
May 8 - Short (6:00)
May 15 - Short
May 22 - Long
May 29 - Short

June 5 - Long
June 12 - Short
June 19 - Long

2014 Summer Session

June 26 - Short

July 3 - Long
July 10 - Short
July 17 - Long
July 24 - Short
July 31 - Short

August 7 - Short
August 14 - Short
August 21 - Short (5:45)
August 28 - Short (5:30)